Sweeter Than Chocolate : Ephesians


In a culture that increasingly lets “kids be kids” well into the early adult years, is it any wonder the Church faces challenges in growing believers to maturity? Extended immaturity, though, is not a new problem. Paul, writing to the Ephesians, called his fellow believers to “Grow up!” The call remains today—for you and me! Walking verse by verse through the book of Ephesians, we’ll unpack what it means to be “in Christ” and what this has to do with growing up in the faith and holding fast when others are being carried by winds of doctrine. You’ll discover for yourself what God has to say about how to live the grown-up Christians life! Being a kid is great, when you’re a kid. Now, it’s time to grow up!


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Sweeter than Chocolate! is an Inductive Bible Study series featuring “flex” – application-rich questions for all students and challenging extra questions and assignments for students who want to go deeper and have more time to study.

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