Sweeter than Chocolate: Jesus, Sweetest Name I Know


Who do you say I am? Jesus asked His first-century followers this critical question and He still asks today. Jesus: Sweetest Name I Know will help you answer this question and more. In just six weeks, you’ll delve into God’s Word to discover for yourself who Jesus is and why He matters. This topical study on the life and nature of Jesus Christ walks readers through the pages of God’s Word to see what it says about the most notable figure in human history—the One who claims to be both God and man, the sinless One who conquered death, paid the penalty for sin, and offers life and a future even to those who fear they’re beyond hope. Some people call Him a good man, others call Him a prophet. Still others call Him God Almighty! For the most important decision you will ever make, don’t depend on the opinions of others—discover the truth for yourself about Jesus!

This study consists of 6 Lessons


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Sweeter than Chocolate! is an Inductive Bible Study series featuring “flex” – application-rich questions for all students and challenging extra questions and assignments for students who want to go deeper and have more time to study.

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