Session 2 – Precept Africa Institute


Precept Africa Institute – Session #2

This book will be used for the 2nd of 9 sessions as part of the Precept Africa Institute.


Church Planting & Names of God

In this session we’ll be using the book Lord I Want To Know You (a study on the names of God) and looking at church leadership principles and practical examples from and overview on the book of Acts when the first churches were planted and multiplied throughout the Roman empire and many countries.


Institute Training Sessions (all times are in Central Africa Time – GMT+2):

1 – 6 February (Mon-Sat)  //  10am-1pm  and  2pm-5pm

8 – 12 February (Mon-Fri)  //  10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm


The cost of this training is covered by us, so all you’re paying for is your study book Lord, I Want To Know You that we’ll courier to you, plus the cost of the courier. (Add to cart below)

Please note: By registering for this session you are committing 2 3-hour online study slots per day for 2 weeks. In order to complete the session, you will need to attend training Zoom calls and complete a small test at the end of the 2 weeks.

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