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Peace with God – The Need of Every Heart


Life can be discouraging. We live in a world plagued by self-centeredness, arrogance, hatred, rejection, doubt, fear, insecurity, depression, despair, and guilt. Peace seems out of reach. With strained relationships and internal turmoil, must we resign ourselves to a life without peace? Where is God in it all?

Peace with God—The Need of Every Heart starts at the beginning. There we meet God who existed before Creation. We learn His purpose in creating man and discover that even before man rebels against his Creator, God has a plan to bring him back to Himself through His Son, the Perfect Man. Encountering God’s Word precept by precept, this study chronologically unfolds the Gospel, the good news concerning a Promised Savior, and reveals how we can have peace with God through Him.

There is hope! There is true, lasting peace—a peace that passes all understanding. God is willing and able to give this peace to all who come to Him His way. You can have peace with God!

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Out of stock