Jesus in the Spotlight (John 1 -10) – Teacher Guide


In Jesus in the Spotlight kids produce a movie about Jesus from the first ten chapters of John’s Gospel. As film director, show who He is, who His friends are, what He does, why He came, where He went, and then get to know Him personally!

9 Lessons


Start kids on a journey toward being students for life! Young people of any age will learn how to dig into the Bible for themselves with this fully-biblical, fully-exciting study series. Seven to 12-year-olds will find Bible study really “worth it” as they journey into God’s Word. Fill-in-the-blank questions and fun activities challenge kids while teaching important truths. Lively narratives and illustrations make it fun and bring the Bible stories to life. This series will whet a lifetime appetite for truth. A great way to introduce inductive Bible study to kids with challenging, creative and fun studies for all children old enough to read.

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