God’s Amazing Creation (Genesis 1-2) – Student Workbook


Join inductive explorers, Max and Molly, and archaeologist, Uncle Jake, on a treasure hunt through God’s Word.  As you get out your shovel and begin your search, you’ll dig up a wheelbarrow full of fascinating information.  God’s Amazing Creation covers the first part of Genesis–those awesome days when God created the stars, the world, the sea, the animals, and the very first people!  As you get to work searching for clues from the past, decoding ancient messages, and drawing maps for the dig team, you’ll uncover answers to questions like: How did this world begin? Who created the Earth? How did we get here? Where did we come from? These answers are not only great fun and wonderful Bible truths for young explorers with growing curiosity about the “whys” of life- they are essential truths each child needs to know.

This study consists of 6 Lessons.


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