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Kibera (Kenya) is the largest urban slum in Africa. Almost half the population are children under the age of 15, the majority of whom have never been introduced to Jesus!

Many of the children are orphans or homeless and sleep along the railway embankments and beside rubbish dumps. Life is hard. There are no toilet facilities, running water or electricity. Poor sanitation has led to rampant diseases and alarming numbers of dying children. They are surrounded by hopelessness!

We are passionate about reaching these vulnerable children with the Word of God and have started partnering with local schools in the slum.

So many school children are coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as a result of these studies!

There are now over 400 children studying God’s Word using Precept resources on a weekly basis in the slum of Kibera. We praise God for this! But these are just 400! There are countless more children that are desperate for God and His Word! We need your help in reaching these children.


The cost of 1 study book is just R59.

Won’t you prayerfully consider sponsoring as many books as possible for these boys and girls? We would love for each child to study the Word using their own study book instead of having to share.


Simply insert the number of books you want to sponsor in the “Qty” box below.

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