Digging Up the Past (Genesis 3 – 11) – Teacher Guide


In Digging Up the Past kids search for hidden treasures with inductive detectives Max and Molly, their dog Sam, and their archaeologist Uncle Jake. Find answers — why did the Flood happen? Where did different languages come from? Is God going to save our world? How? The treasures are waiting for you to find!

9 Lessons


Start kids on a journey toward being students for life! Young people of any age will learn how to dig into the Bible for themselves with this fully-biblical, fully-exciting study series. Seven to 12-year-olds will find Bible study really “worth it” as they journey into God’s Word. Fill-in-the-blank questions and fun activities challenge kids while teaching important truths. Lively narratives and illustrations make it fun and bring the Bible stories to life. This series will whet a lifetime appetite for truth. A great way to introduce inductive Bible study to kids with challenging, creative and fun studies for all children old enough to read.

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