Cookies on the Lower Shelf Part 1 (Genesis – Ruth)



Journey through the entire Bible in just 30 weeks—10 weeks at a time! With a study format designed to flex to the needs of each student, Cookies on the Lower Shelf, Part I provides a step-by-step guide beginning with God’s beautiful creation in Genesis to the rabble-rousing days of the Judges of Israel. Meet Adam and Eve, weather the flood with Noah, and sojourn with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Go from the land of Canaan into Egypt with Joseph, then back out again as Moses and the children of Israel travel to the Promised Land. See tremendous victories under Joshua and chilling defeats during the time of the Judges.

This study consists of 10 Lessons.


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Is a Precept Inductive Bible Study series that covers the entire Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – in three, 10-week segments.
This study is designed to help you see the Big Picture!  Part 1 covers Genesis to Ruth, Part 2 covers 1 Samuel to Malachi and Part 3 walks through the New Testament.

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