1 Timothy In & Out – The Church, the Pillar and Support of the Truth


Thirty years of labour for the gospel had taken its toll on Paul. His body bore the brand-marks of a servant of Jesus Christ. However, the intensity of his sufferings never changed the intensity of his love and concern for the churches, which were etched on his heart.

One of these churches was Ephesus. Timothy, his faithful disciple, was pastoring that strategically important church. Possibly concerned that he might be delayed and that Timothy might need something in writing to set before others as an ever-present reminder, Paul took quill and ink, spread out the parchment, and wrote his first letter to his son in the faith. This letter would become a legacy for the church, defining both sound doctrine (truth), and sound discipline (right behaviour).

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Want to go deeper, but not ready for Precept Upon Precept? In & Out is a streamlined approach to the same material but requires fewer hours of study time.
Great for those who thirst to Go Deeper or who are ready to Disciple through book studies without extensive study skills or advanced techniques.

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