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Scripture Guides you toward God, Precept guides you through Scripture

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The Precept Method

We believe that relationship with God comes through knowing His Word, and that means studying it hands-on. Precept’s Method explains the nuts and bolts of our studies so that every student can discover God’s truth for themselves.


Level 1 - In Group

Level 4 - Moderate

Level 5 - Intensive

Topical Studies

Our topical studies will guide you through what the Bible says about different life situations.

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Books of the Bible Studies

Dig deeper into God's Word by studying entire books of the Bible with us. From Genesis to Revelation—we have a study to guide you.

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Studies to start with

If you've never done a Precept study before, here are some suggestions to help you get started.

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Our study series cover nearly every book of the Bible at different depths of study. Whether you're interested in a specific topic, a broad survey, or an in-depth study - our resources cover it all.

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